‘ HOLIDAY FROM VACATION ‘ | 20 May 2022 – 16 June 2022

Imagine stepping out of your stressful daily life and walking into a paradise on earth. You‘d expect white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea water, surrounded by blue skies and tickled by sunshine. But what you actually find is traffic jam, trash everywhere, a corrupted government, sunburnt drunkards, overcrowded yoga classes and dog poisoning at the beach. When it all gets too much, do you know what you need? You need a Holiday from Vacation. That‘s exactly what you need. Being privileged from a privilege. A state of mind. A statement from Mein Lieber Prost for his Solo Show at Ruko Three. A little poke for society and reality. A harsh truth challenging the ‚truth‘, mixed and merged with the aesthetic of his art. Ruko Three invites you all to witness the privilege and share moments of a Holiday. From Vacation.

*P.S.: Do you ever wonder where the Balinese go for their Holiday? They don‘t. They live it.


What if you knew where the artist Mein Lieber Prost comes from, how old he is, what he studied, why he makes art? This information might be interesting, but it‘s not prerequisite. While looking at his work, you’ll face these distinct features: A circle, two crescent-shaped eyes and a laughing mouth with its red tongue out. What sounds simple has become an icon that originated in Berlin where Prost first drew it. Today, it can be spotted in many cities around the world. 

In the words of the artist: “simple is not easy”. Many imitators or fans have tried their hand at it in the course of time, but the Prostie, as the laughing face is called, remains the unmatched trademark of Mein Lieber Prost. Over the years, new Prosties appeared in ever new places throughout Berlin, as MLP was very active on the streets of the German capital. But Prostie is much more than a smiling face. He enters into contact with his environment, for the spots where the artist positions his works are well-chosen and in his pictures there are not only interactions between the comic-like characters, but above all with the viewers and the surroundings. Where there is a Prostie, it is worth taking a closer look. In many of his works, criticism of socially relevant topics is found in the disguise of humour, irony and witty wordplay, for example on gentrification, racism and sexism. Sometimes through bold statements, but often also very subtly, Mein Lieber Prost is thought-provoking and makes the topics accessible to passers-by in a language that everyone can understand: With a laugh. 

For a few years now, MLP’s works have not only been seen on Berlin’s streets and at exhibitions all over the world, but have also made the island of Bali their home. Some even speak of the laughing Prosties as being omnipresent. And although “his faces” are to be seen everywhere, the artist makes a point of putting his art and not his human face in the foreground. Contrary to the media world, which is increasingly focused on self-promotion, he is not concerned with his person, but with his art. The precision and clarity that MLP masters on the street with the spray can, he also brings to bear on the canvas. His unique style is so concise that he manages to reinvent himself over and over again while always remaining true to himself. Mein Lieber Prost is „always and never the same.”


98 cm x 68 cm | Mixed media on canvas

made in germany

Mixed media on canvas


Mixed media on canvas


Mixed media on canvas


Mixed media on canvas


25 cm x 25 cm | Mixed media on canvas


Mixed media on canvas


73 cm x 73 cm | Mixed media on canvas


Mixed media on canvas


44 cm x 44 cm | Mixed media on canvas


Mixed media on canvas


44 cm x 44 cm | Mixed media on canvas

IMG_3246 copy


‘ DARKEST HOUR ‘ | 18 Mar 2022 – 

These works were an expression of the frustration with the ego and its need to be fed by social media and the attention of others which result in a false image of the self or a need to mask true emotions. In a time when physical health was given the most importance, mental health was neglected even though the situation has become a change that would be too big for many to deal with. Darkest Hour is a art exhibition concept, aims to share mental health awareness during this pandemic from the perspective of art , culture & science.


Oktavian Adhiek Putra is a multidisciplinary artist born in Bandung, Indonesia. His artistic career is various, and what stands out more is photography. Without any formal education, he has managed to become a well-established photographer in Bali, and worked with many local and international brands. After finding his style in photography, he became inspired by the people and social issues around him to branch out into other mediums. He started experimenting with combining music, fashion, culture and social issues. Coming from a Muslim town to the cultural mixture that is Bali, he felt the freedom to freely express himself and create his own art. “The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of why I am specialised in photography is because it’s a memory that lasts. To me, I feel photography is more than just pictures, motions, gestures and sound. It’s an art with imagination, emotion, creativity and meaning”


45 cm x 62 cm


64cm x 80cm


65cm x 90cm


30cm x 40cm


SLIPT ‘different personalities’
120cm x 180cm


64cm x 80cm


75 cm x 94 cm


33cm x 43cm


64cm x 80cm

Untitled design-3

45cm x 62cm


38cm x 45cm


64cm x 80cm


‘2222’ | 14 Jan 2022 – 17 Mar 2022

When contemporary artists, Tandun and Gracka, reflect about the future, while living and experiencing life in one of the most ceremonial islands, such as Bali, and its rituals and symbology, it opens the conversation of a mystical approach of life, and it takes form in this art exhibition: MYSTIC FUTURE 2222.
As much as the human trajectory evolves into technology and science, in the search to understand the invisible and irrational of our world and of us, as humans, there is still much to be explained scientifically.
And it is there where Balinese culture embrace the invisible with rituals connected to cosmos and nature, honouring at what can’t be explained yet perceived and felt. And that is the mystical experience of life in Bali.
How to look into the future – An undefined perception of time – under the lenses of a mystical living?
Come to experience the latest artwork series of Tandun and Gracka, and their approach to the Balinese cultural life of rituals, traditions and spirituality.
Click here to watch more about it.


Gracka is an Indonesian artist who uses the traditional art of wood-cut printmaking combined with the aesthetic of tattoo art, creating contemporary, innovative designs. Born and raised in Jakarta, Gracka has been living in Bali for nine years. Gracka’s creative process involves many aspects, most notably it integrates his own life as a means of development, with rational aspects of contemplation of the absolute spirit that thirsts for creativity.  He creates artwork as a way to continue the adventure of learning, it is his way of responding visually to his surroundings and life events. His passion for wood-cut printing comes from a love of the process and physicality of creating the blocks, the viscosity of the ink and the meditative process of carving the surfaces of the blocks.  The anticipation to see how the block design will evolve and how each print is a unique artwork from the same design of the block. 

Gracka also translates these print-making techniques into tattoo art. Creating unique explorations by combining the two practices. He has been tattooing for over 12 years, his love of print-making developed from wanting to create his tattoo art onto alternative canvases. The two practices compliment each other in a beautiful symbiosis of creativity. His style uses mainly black inks in his print-works and tattoo designs. He also depicts his relationship with the nuances of the Indonesian archipelago, a motif which appears a lot within the works he creates. Some of his works are also heavily influenced by Balinese tradition.  Gracka appreciates how the Balinese lead a very relaxed life, and make time for personal spiritual experiences between the individual and the creator.


Contemporary Indonesian print-maker and visual artist Tandun has been exhibiting artworks and generating published and commissioned works for over 20 years. Trained formally at Jakarta Institute of Arts, where he majored in Graphic Design. Tandun’s visual style is an ultra-modern abstract aesthetic, created by combinations of old-school devices with new-school ideas. His process is one of experimentation, he combines physical with digital, appreciating the analog technology and combining it with contemporary digital printing. He enjoys the meditative process of creating and the benefits it brings him spiritually.  With his artwork he wants to remember the ability to create an alternative narrative in life.

‘YOU KNOW MY STEEZ’ | 3 DEC 2021 – 4 JAN 2022
Graffiti has evolved into a new nuance of contemporary art development. The creation of graffiti does not only end in the way of presentation in public spaces, it is now starting to evolve into new developments. This phenomenon is not a new thing and has encouraged many street artists to come to fill the art space today. Behind the image of graffiti as street art, graffiti works tend to be dominated by self-representations in visual processing. Self-representation and visual expressions are always motivated by attitude, social culture, and culture, this is what makes graffiti artists achieve their existence, by working on the streets and in other possible spaces. “You Know My Steez”, is the theme that Kidney has chosen to present his first solo exhibition. The term “steez” emerged in the 1980s, it refers to a slang popularised with hip-hop culture.  Steez/style words are modified to be more stylish and easy to spell phonetically. Kidney tries to interpret steez as a habit & behaviour in his conscious work.  Honest expressions that are also full of enthusiasm to be a representation in his path as a graffiti writer.  While translating attitude/steez, he came to the idea of processing the visual characters of the letters that he developed dynamically. The character of the letters that are often raised is not just present, the choice of font style that looks fluent is very clear starting from his habit which tends to be close to the sub-culture of hip-hop, b-boy, and graffiti writer.  In some works, the use of this type of lettering mutates into various interesting developments through calligraphy, handstyle, lettering, and patterns.  Female iconography appears in his works inspired by the manga comics he reads. This image strengthens the extension of “STEEZ” as Kidney’s personal style & topic. Surely the audience can feel the traces of these influences in Kidney’s first solo exhibition, Nugi Ketut Bali. 2021.

About The Artist

Kidney is an Indonesian painter and visual artist, from the island of Bali, in Nusa Dua (aka. Bukit). His artistic style combines graffiti aesthetic with a calligraphy influence; capturing flowing lines that are encapsulated in dynamic structures through vivid patterns and shapes. His understanding of creating connects to the excitement and fun that it brings to him. Kidney’s art arises from the streets, that place in all cultures that nobody owns. Kidney sees graffiti and street art as two separate practices, he expressed his love for both, but appreciates street art as a way to convey messages to the public, and is an art form that is often more easily accepted. Whilst he sees graffiti as a pure expression of existence, a game about style, a mark of ego, a proof of life, and an indifference to whether it appeals to others or not. From an early age he had a passion for drawing and painting and began his street art/ graffiti discovery in 2011. Alongside being a visual artist, Kidney is also a Bboy, both practices inspire each other.  Not only the physicality of dancing and painting but also developing his own fresh and unique style, learning to represent himself and develop confidence. With a passion for learning, Kidney often develops his designs into different mediums. As well as painting he creates custom jewellery and digital art.  He often collaborates and works with other artists and designers and has even developed his designs into AR (augmented reality).  Heavily influenced by hip-hop culture, especially old-school American rappers, Kidney’s love of music translates into the clean visual flow he creates. He is inspired by his surroundings and environment and lets his designs come naturally. “Of course I learn a lot from people, from their experiences and their points of view. Shout out to my crew EYS, TIK, and my family Island Break, Boogie Down Bali, my mentors Dreone and Charic.”

90 cm x 90 cm | Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas
90 cm x 90 cm | Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas
100 cm x 100 cm | Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas
glass 2
Motion X
90 cm x 60 cm | Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas
sad 2
Motion Y
90 cm x 60 cm | Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas
Small file flower
Motion Z
90 cm x 60 cm | Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas

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